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John Henson

Franchize Allstars Alumnus

University Of North Carolina

Current NBA Team, Milwaukee Bucks

The Franchize Allstars was formed in 2008 to allow youth to compete in local, regional, and national tournaments. When the Franchize Allstars began to travel nationally, they quickly became known as one of the elite travel teams in the USA. The program's vision, as well as its reputation started to spread. With standout players like John Henson (University of North Carolina / McDonald's All-American / NBA Milwaukee Bucks) and Ray Turner (Jones High School / Texas A&M University / Reebok All-American), the program received immediate national exposure. In the program's first year of existence, 6 players landed Division 1 scholarships. The 2009 team featured 2 players in the Class of 2011 that were ranked in the Top 100 in the country and 5 players in the Class of 2012 that were ranked in the Top 9 players throughout the city of Houston; with the prize jewel being 6’9 small forward Wanaah Bail (Lamar Consolidated High School / UCLA). In our 3rd year, the 2010 team featured only 2 Class of 2011 players; the #1 player in Houston, 6’4" combo guard D’Angelo Harrison (Fort Bend Dulles High School / Committed to St. John’s University) and 6’11 post Winslow Barry (Christian Life Academy / Commited to TCU).
When it comes to meeting educational goals, being prepared for college, and growing as a person; the Franchize Allstars place a strong emphasis on its importance. With a guidance counselor on staff assisting athletes, the Franchize organization work with both the athletes’ school and the parents to tutor and prepare them to the best of their ability. The Franchize Allstars’ ultimate goal is to help its athletes earn college degrees. Educational training includes ACT and SAT preparation, testing study, counseling on core curriculum, and meeting NCAA guidelines on education. The Franchize Allstars continues to follow its athlete’s progress throughout their college career. The program also continues to be available to its student-athletes and alumni as they make career decisions towards meeting their goals.
The Franchize Allstars works to educate its athletes on the positive aspects of life to achieve success. Hard work, socializing with the right crowd, and creating goals are keys to the program. The program has no tolerance for drugs, alcohol, or gambling. The Franchize Allstars goal is to have a positive impact on each individual athlete and to help successfully direct its player’s lives. The Franchize Allstars coaches are role models for our players. Each coach is carefully screened and must have the well being of the players as their first priority. They not only teach the game of basketball, but also prepare them for life’s many challenges. Many of our players come from foster or single parent homes and the program provides an avenue for the hopes and dreams of the players to become a reality. The program is driven by what is best for the child. Whether in a game, practice, classroom, or life, the child is the first priority of the Franchize Allstars.

Deshang Weaver (Class of 2018)

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